Who We Are

FCJ College is an inclusive Catholic Educational Community of Companions living in faith, nurturing with hope, serving with compassion and fostering the unique giftedness of each person, so that they are able to live …..
For God Always.

At FCJ College, we believe that:

  1. Our welcoming community finds its inspiration in companionship with Jesus.
  2. Each member of our community should be a witness to the Gospel values of compassion, courage, integrity and hope.
  3. Education is a partnership between the school, teachers, students and families, which involves a curriculum that offers students an authentic avenue to prepare themselves for the challenges of life ahead.
  4. We should engage, encourage, nurture and include all students, in a safe, respectful and positive environment, so that they have an equal opportunity to become the best persons they can be.
  5. All members of our community are equally valued for their unique contribution.

 Graduate Outcomes:

At FCJ College, we commit to educating students to be:

  1. People of faith, courage and integrity who live the values of compassion, honesty and justice;
  2. Confident young adults whose inner strength and positive self- belief make them resilient in a challenging world;
  3. People who have an appreciation and respect for everyone;
  4. Members of society who have a capacity to be engaged in the community and who demonstrate social and environmental responsibility;
  5. Adults growing in faith and awareness of God’s love as life-long learners and critical thinkers;