The Society of Sisters, FCJ established FCJ College in 1900 at the invitation of Dean Owen Davy.  The FCJ Sisters are missionary women of the Church and have communities across the world.  FCJ College is governed by the Sisters and is an incorporated entity with a Council of Directors who assist the leadership team with strategic matters relating to the school.

FCJ College Council

The FCJ College Council includes representatives from the FCJ Society, education specialists and business professionals to provide strategic leadership for the College.  The Council and its sub committees meet regularly and work with the leadership team of the College on strategic matters relating to Finance, Policy and Compliance, Facilities and Resources.


Mrs Lyn Tanner (Chair) Mr Kym Durance
Mr John Ackerly Fr Andrew Fewings PP
Ms Julie Chamberlin Sr Maureen Merlo fcJ
Sr Margaret Claver Hayes fcJ Mr Max Rankin
Mrs Margaret Daw Mr Michael Tehan